Development of unique nozzles

The nozzle is the key to a successful application. Each commission require its own, unique solution. Our experience and competence forms the basis when constructing our customized quality nozzles.

Utilizing our experience the initial selection of nozzle is made. By repeated testing and adjustments, the nozzle is developed step by step to meet the client’s requirements.

Prior to a commencing a project, we usually get all the details from the client. The details are used to optimize the nozzle when testing. Teknikassistans can also manufacture these details from 3D drawings. This means that we can develop the nozzle before the object to be treated has started to be manufactured.

Manufacturing nozzles is a work requiring great precision. We work with highly specialized equipment and develop the nozzle step by step to find the perfect placement and obtain a perfect result.

Well documented manufacturing drawings ensure future deliveries of spare nozzles, should such be required.