Each client is unique, each individual project requires its own solution. However, the need for a quality assured process where the number of operators and material usage is optimized is common for all projects.

A quality assured process means that the operator’s influence on the process is minimized. It is desirable to have only one possible method for conducting the work. Tools and equipment must be easy to use, ergonomically designed, easy to maintain, and be highly reliable. The process must also manage certain variations in terms of pressure, temperature, and dimensions of the work piece to maintain the quality of the application. Only when these conditions are met, a quality assured process is ensured.

To ensure a cost efficient production, the amount of work must be carefully balanced between the operators, and tools and equipment must keep short cycle times.

Optimized material usage does not only decrease purchase costs but also reduces emissions and costs associated with fouled vehicles and workshops/factories caused by for instance drip.

Teknikassistans has vast experience and theoretical knowledge of production technology to meet clients’ needs in these matters.